Police search for bat-wielding burglar who stole from Donelson store

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Authorities are investigating after a bat-wielding burglar targeted a Donelson thrift store.

Despite hours of cleanup, remnants of the burglary remain.

“There was glass everywhere,” explained Jessica Davies, assistant manager with Southern Thrift. “There was glass in the clothing, there was glass in the shoes, it was a mess.”

Davies helps keep Southern Thrift in tip-top shape.

Now a chunk of the inventory is gone after someone went window shopping Friday morning.

“We had a guy with a bat break open the exit door,” explained Davies.

Golden rings, a diamond broach, and the finest items in the store were gone in a flash.

But what the suspect didn’t do was look up and notice he was caught by two separate surveillance cameras.

Business has continued at Southern Thrift, but the store is now out of thousands of dollars in jewelry.

“He went for all the gold. He left all the costume jewelry,” said Davies. “It’s very frustrating, I was so sad when I came in. We put time into everything that we do here.”

All the store can hope for, is surveillance video leading to an arrest and a brazen burglar behind bars.

Anyone with information, should contact Metro police.