Deadline arrives for choosing Metro schools next year

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The deadline for Metro Nashville Public Schools’ parents to choose their Metro school for next year is Friday.

News 2  took a look at what Metro parents need to know to get through the process because it can be overwhelming.

From schools that are performing better academically to schools that focus on what your child has shown interest in, there are hundreds of options.

For example, at Creswell Middle School of the Art, students get to dance, sing and practice theater on top of their regular course load.

There are other schools that focus on the health care field, science and more.

If you’re still wrestling with it, start here with the State Report Card.

That’s where you can see the growth from year to year at the schools of your choice.

From there, it’s best to tour as many schools as you can; however, not everyone has that kind of time. Director of KIPP Nashville, a Metro charter school, has a suggestion.

“You can learn so much about a school from your interaction on the phone or at the front desk. You learn a lot just by driving onto campus. So drive by. What do the grounds look like? What is the reception like? Is it friendly? is it warm?” said director Randy Dowell.

Laura Hasler toured 23 schools before she found the right one.

“Not every parent would have time. I just did my best to fit it in between everything that I did every day. But I started early and that’s a really key thing,” explained Hasler.

“I know at the time I was working a couple of jobs, but I just kind of had to set aside a little bit of time,” said Allison Simpson, another Metro parent.

The main take away for parents is to do your own research and find what best fits your family.