Dozen armed robberies solved with arrest of 2 women in Nashville

(Courtesy: Cheatham County Sheriff's Office)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – When two women were arrested this past Wednesday, it solved a dozen armed robberies around Middle Tennessee.

Authorities say law enforcement from Murfreesboro, Smyrna, and Nashville, as well as Cheatham, Williamson, and Montgomery counties, are all now interested in the duo.

The women are accused of robbing hotels and convenience stores all over the region between Christmas and Jan. 4.

The confessed bandits were arrested by a slew of Cheatham County deputies and Metro police officers this past Wednesday. It happened outside the women’s shelter in Metro Center where the two were reportedly staying.

Video from a robbery in Pleasant View shows one of the women walking into the Shell station. She reportedly asks to use the bathroom, but detectives say she’s on the lookout.

Det. Jeff Landis told News 2 she was only in the bathroom for 52 seconds.

And moments later, a second woman enters the gas station and robs the clerk while pointing a gun in his face.

The cashier, Colby Timmerman, said, “She walked to the counter, gun across the counter, gun pointed at me. I’ve never been robbed, never been held at gunpoint before. She said, ‘I want all the money and I want it now,’ and I said, ‘Are you serious?’”

The women fled in a gold van that was seen on surveillance at many of the crime scenes.

Just a few hours earlier, two women matching the same description wearing the same clothes robbed the Holiday Inn Express on Broadway in Nashville.

Metro police put out a BOLO after the Cheatham County robbery, sending pictures of the suspects to detectives.

Authorities know the women’s identities. Det. Landis spoke with their families and friends and found out they were staying at the women’s shelter.

Officers staked the shelter out and swooped in when they saw the women walk up.

The women reportedly confessed to at least 12 armed robberies, using the money to buy drugs and satisfy debts.

A BB gun was recovered from the suspects; Det. Landis said it looked very real.

Metro police are still interviewing the women regarding other armed robberies in Nashville, and Fairview police confirm the women are suspects in a robbery there in Williamson County.

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