VIDEO: Boy Scout leader eats 23 ghost peppers for fundraiser

FREDERICKSBURG, Texas (KXAN) — An Assistant Scoutmaster for a Fredericksburg Boy Scout troop took on a fiery challenge to raise money.

In the YouTube video you can see Johnny scarfing down 23 ghost peppers to benefit Troop 137. The troop works to offer scholarships for Boy Scouts’ uniforms, gear, trips and adventures. Click here to see the video from the News 2 app.

Johnny took on the challenge hoping the video would help raise awareness for the troop’s need for scholarship money. However, 23 hours after the challenge, the Boy Scout Troop leader says he is in bed with immense stomach pain.

As the heat continued to radiate through his body, after eating the peppers Johnny consumed six Klondike bars, one entire bottle of pepto-bismol, a bottle of Mylanta, a half gallon of milk, and lots of water.

The helpers for the video said the peppers were so hot they had to wear protective masks while handling them. DO NOT try this challenge at home, warns the video.

The ghost pepper ranks one million on the Scoville Heat Index; it is 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.

The Boy Scouts of America aims to guide young men into adulthood through a variety of practical life lessons.