Pajama-clad toddler wanders into gas station searching for mom

(Courtesy: CNN)

DETROIT (CNN) — A Detroit woman has been reunited with her toddler after the child wandered away from their apartment in the middle of the night.

CNN reports the toddler wandered into the parking lot of a gas station around 4:30 a.m. Thursday, wearing only his pajamas.

Surveillance video shows the little boy struggling to open the door to the gas station.

The clerk at the station said the little boy said he was cold and had no idea where his mom was at. A customer gave the boy a blanket and the clerk gave him a snack before calling police to help find the boy’s mother.

According to police officers, the boy’s mother was in the parking lot of her apartment complex talking to a friend. When the little boy woke up and realized his mother wasn’t in the apartment, he decided to go searching for her. He left the apartment building through an exit that wasn’t visible from the parking lot and wandered over to the gas station next door.

Officers had just put the little boy in the police car when his mother came running.

“His mother ended up running up to the gas station, and he was like, ‘That’s my mother, right there,’” said Detroit Police Officer Tinisha Alexander.

After questioning the mother, police returned her child to her. It’s not an uncommon occurrence for toddlers to wander away at night, but police say Child Protective Services will investigate further.

“Child Protective Services, they take the initial report and they do an investigation,” said Detroit Police Officer Derrick Metcalf. “They may send someone to the home.”

(Courtesy: CNN)
(Courtesy: CNN)