Snow threat sends 33,000 kids home early in Montgomery County

(Photo: WKRN)

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CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Under gray, potentially snow-filled clouds, nearly 33,000 students and 4,000-plus staff in Clarksville-Montgomery County left school after a half day “to get everyone home safe,” in the words of one principal.

The kids at Moore Magnet Elementary, near Clarksville’s downtown, seemed delighted to go home but disappointed if the white stuff fails to materialize.

“By the way boys and girls, no snow dances. Have a great afternoon,” said Principal Kim Smith.

Parents who News 2 talked to at the school didn’t seem to mind either.

“My job is pretty flexible, so [it’s] not too big of an issue,” said parent Rleigh Howell.

Some picked up their children from class because they had been notified Wednesday that a half day or early dismissal because of the snow was a possibility.

Moore school officials said it’s the first year of such a system to help parents plan their days when there is the threat of inclement weather.

Most of the students in the system were placed on buses for their regular routes that started several hours earlier than the usual afternoon shift.

The highs Friday aren’t expected to climb any higher than the upper 20s. The weekend is looking really cold, despite a good deal of sunshine, with a warm up coming next week. See the latest forecast at

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