Nashville Airbnb fans, foes collide at Metro Council

(Courtesy: Airbnb)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Nashville neighborhood activists came in droves to a public hearing to argue that property owners who rent out their homes through websites such as Airbnb are driving up rents and filling residential areas with party houses.

Media outlets report the activists squared off against hosts during a lively two-hour hearing before the Metro Council on Tuesday as both sides debated a bill outlining regulations for short-term rental properties to replace a prior ordinance that was ruled unconstitutional in October.

Activists urged the council amend the bill to outlaw non-owner-occupied short-term rental properties, which are frequently owned by investors.

Supporters of the rentals said they aren’t against all regulations but argued they shouldn’t be stopped altogether from making a living.

The bill was deferred for consideration until next month.