Titans head coach Mularkey answers most important questions of 2016

Mike Mularkey (Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – I got the opportunity to sit down with Mike Mularkey on Tuesday and probe a little deeper about the season that just unfolded.

First, the coach is still down about Jacksonville, but he’s also tired. The season is a long grind, game after game, and when the reality of it ending sets in, so does the reality of the exhaustion.

We all have our own opinion of what’s “most” important during the season; I wanted the coach’s take.

1) Most important off-season move you made? “DeMarco Murray trade”

That answer came without hesitation. His reverence and respect for Murray was on a full blast in his press conference Monday.

2) Most gratifying win? “Green Bay Packers”

This one also came with ZERO hesitation, and I can’t say that I don’t blame him. Yes, the win over the Super Bowl champions
was symbolic and the win at Kansas City was amazing, but blurting out the Packers in front of the world. That’ the game that got the NFL’s attention.

3) Most upsetting loss? “Jacksonville Jaguars, yeah.”

There was actually a slight hesitation and then a short smile, acknowledging there was no way around the devastation of
that loss. I know the losses to Indy and at Houston were very frustrating, but they just don’t measure up.

4) Most trying moment you faced as a head coach this season? “Most trying moment? Uh… Getting the team ready after
that loss for the next one, which was a very important game with nothing at stake.”

This was a good answer, and there were other options. Watching Mariota go down with a fractured leg, firing good friend Bobby April, or the 1-3 start that had the vultures circling.

5) And the most underrated player who performed for you this season? “First one that came to mind was Josh Kline, who was on the street. Jon, we picked him off waivers and starter for the rest of the year. I mean, in a very good offensive line.”

He had a long pause before answering that question. He sees so much more than we do on a daily basis, but Kline was also my choice. When you don’t talk about a lineman much, that’s usually a really good thing. He stepped in and didn’t just replace the injured Chance Warmack; he was better than him.