Safety experts say parents need to anchor their furniture

Courtesy: YouTube

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Millions of people have seen the video of the little 2-year-old boy lifting a dresser that fell on his twin.

The toddlers were just playing in their room when one crawled into a dresser drawer. The added weight caused it to overturn on top of him.

The boys’ parents posted the video to highlight the importance of securing furniture to the wall.

WATCH: Toddler boy pushes fallen dresser off twin brother in video

So News 2 went to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital to get more tips on making sure your home is safe.

Purnima Unni, the Pediatric Trauma Injury Prevention Manager for the hospital, urges parents to secure their furniture and even remove any enticing objects.

She said children are curious, so the most basic thing you can do is “anchor it, anchor it, anchor it.”

Parents should use wall straps or brackets to brace their furniture against the wall.

“If you have young ones at home, make sure you’re not keeping any kind of toy or stuffed animal, or even a remote right, on top of that dresser because kids will want to go climb and reach it, and that’s when we see all these injuries happen,” Unni said.

She told News 2 children can get severe head injuries from things like fallen TVs.

“I don’t think any parent ever realizes that this can be a life-threatening injury their child can sustain that is serious,” Unni noted, reiterating the use of anchors for furniture.

She also said TVs shouldn’t be set on top of a piece of a furniture but mounted on the wall as well.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says every two weeks a child is killed by falling furniture.