Fake motion picture money back again in Middle Tennessee

(Courtesy: Dickson Police Department)

DICKSON, Tenn. (WKRN) – Funny money is flooding the mid-state from Hendersonville to Ashland City to Dickson, and law enforcement needs your help to identify the thieves.

The hundred dollar bills are fake and say “For Motion Picture Use Only.” But citizens and clerks who don’t look close enough can be duped.

Buying the money is easy, particularly on the Internet. Tens of thousands can be purchased for only a few dollars.

Criminals have been doing this for years, and in Dickson, police are on the lookout for a bald man and a younger man who reportedly pulled this scam inside the GameStop on Highway 46.

Surveillance footage shows the suspects buying a PS-4 and a couple of video games and controller valued at $615.

The suspect reportedly hands the clerk six motion picture bills.

(Courtesy: Dickson Police Department)
(Courtesy: Dickson Police Department)

According to a police report, the clerks at the GameStop recognized the bills as phony, but they were scared of the man at the counter, who was yelling, cursing, and causing a scene. The employees they didn’t want to agitate him; they just wanted him to leave.

Det. Josh Ethridge says the man had his hand in his pocket and told them to hurry up.

That same night, Dickson police say the same suspects went to the Walmart and stole a couple of TVs and some clothes.

According to police, they didn’t bother to pass movie money here. They simply piled the merchandise in a car and rolled out of the store.

A few days later, the phony money shows up in Hendersonville after a man tried to sell his iPhone for 700 dollars.

(Photo: Submitted)
(Photo: Submitted)

Ashland City had a case in mid-December where a private citizen agreed to sell his laptop. What he got instead was movie money totaling 800 dollars.

At this time, the suspects in Dickson don’t seem to be connected to the Hendersonville and Ashland City crimes, where the suspect is reportedly a black man with dread locks.

In Ashland city, police say the Dec. 14 crime took place in the parking lot of the Walmart between a local citizen and the thief. Police say the suspect got the laptop and gave the victim eight fake hundred dollars bills and left in a silver car headed toward Nashville. Suspect was described as a black male driving a Silver Nissan Altima or Maxima.