THP increasing patrols for New Year’s weekend

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – As you are getting ready for the holiday weekend, keep in mind that so is local law enforcement.

Tennessee Highway Patrol plans to put as many troopers as possible on the roadways for New Year’s weekend to account for the heightened traffic and number of impaired drivers.

“There will be a lot of celebrations which goes with New Year’s, and we want you to celebrate,” Lt. Don Boshears of THP said. “We just want you to make smart decisions when you do.”

He said his crews are gearing up for another holiday weekend, beefing up patrols to make sure everyone puts safety first.

THP is warning drivers to expect to see more troopers on the road, for good reason. Drunk driving claims the lives of hundreds of Americans every year during the New Year’s period. In Tennessee alone, nine people lost their lives in traffic crashes on Tennessee roadways in 2014 on New Year’s. It was 16 the year before.

“We just ask that you be responsible and make smart decisions,” Boshears said. “If you know you’re going to a party or an event where there’s going to be alcohol, plan ahead. Ask someone to go with you who does not drink. Let them do the driving.”

Boshears said the risk one takes when drinking impaired isn’t worth the price, and his crews will be doing their part to ensure the New Year starts out on a positive note.

“We’re going to have all the personnel we can out. We just want everybody to have a safe New Year,” Boshears said. “Saving lives is what we’re trying to do.”

Boshears also said if drivers have somewhere to be this weekend, to expect traffic delays and leave early. He also advises motorists to buckle up and avoid distractions.