Last minute shoppers hunt for perfect gift

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Last minute shoppers were out in full force Friday night. The Kohl’s in Hermitage was packed with shoppers who waited two days before Christmas to get their gifts.

“We’re looking for some Adidas shoes and doing last minute for those aunties, uncles and granddads that have so much, and so you’re not quite sure what to get them,” said Darlene Abernathy-Neely. “So I’m trying to make those last minute decisions.”

The mother-daughter team was far from alone.

“You start thinking, ‘Well, I want to go get this that and the other,’” said shopper Ashlea Patterson. “So that’s why I’m here. Plus, it’s kind of fun.”

“I’m always a last minute shopper,” explained John Dowd. He went to Kohl’s to get his daughter a necklace to open on Christmas Day. “I hate shopping and then at the last minute I say, ‘I got to go do it, time to go.’”

Others also said they like to shop last minute.

“I like the thrill of it,” Cindy West told News 2. She was getting toys for her grandchildren. “I like to see what I can grab.”

Kohl’s has been open 24 hours since Tuesday, and it will be open overnight into Christmas Eve. They will close Christmas Eve at 6 p.m.