Police warn drivers to keep eye on license plates after recent thefts

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro police are warning drivers to keep an eye on their license plates after several residents reported theirs was stolen.

At the South Precinct, police got a report of around 10 plates stolen in about a week’s time earlier this month.

And in the last seven days, the precinct has gotten six more.

“I think other precincts are seeing it as well,” Commander Paul Trickey said by phone. “Bu we are seeing an increase in license plate thefts.”

Metro officials told News 2 upgrades to license plate decals may be behind the recent thefts.

According to police, decals now have the actual license plate number on it so if someone only takes the decal, it is easier to spot on a license plate it is not registered to.

If your license plate is stolen you should file a police report, and then go to the Davidson County Clerk’s Office to get a replacement by filling out a form.

There is more information on the clerk’s webpage under the frequently asked questions section. Click here to check it out.

Metro police have started telling communities about the thefts via newsletters and community meetings.

“We suggest they get specially made kits with screws in them that require a special tool to remove them, you can get them for about $5 at an auto parts store,” Commander Trickey said.

Police also continue to tell people to park smart. The most recent review of stolen vehicle reports in Nashville from Sunday, Dec. 4, through Saturday shows that 78 percent of the automobiles stolen were taken with keys because the keys were left inside or made available to thieves another way.

In 19 of the 45 cases, the vehicles were left running without the driver.

Authorities urge drivers to lock your automobile doors, secure any valuables. and remove the keys.

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