Pets of the Week for Dec. 19, 2016

Miss Kitty

Looking for a new pet? Check out Nashville’s News 2’s “Pet of the Week” segment every Tuesday on News 2 This Morning. Below are this week’s featured pets:

Metro Animal Care and Control is ramping up “Operation Silent Night” this week. Their goal is to find a home for permanent or temporary home for every animal in the shelter by Friday, Dec. 23.

The first two Pets of the Week are best friends that have been at the shelter together for a while. We’re talking about 3-year-old Syracuse and 4-year-old Cent. Syracuse has been at the shelter for seven months and has fallen in love with Cent, who has been there for four months.

When the shelter groups are let outside to play the two pups are inseparable, the staff says. After “wrestling,” their favorite thing to do is share some water together.

If you want to go check out Syracuse, Cent, or any of the other Pets of the Week the shelter will be open late on Dec. 22 and until 4 p.m. on Dec. 23.


Miss Kitty – Little 7-year-old Miss Kitty is just too pretty for our adoption floor! She needs a home as sweet and as loveable as she is! Miss Kitty is still very young at heart and has tons of love to give out.  She PURRfers a home with a wonderful window sill to glance lovingly at all the birdies as they fly by!  Come by MACC today and see why we think she’s the cat’s meow!

Luna – Three-year-old Luna was an owner surrender who has a heart like no other contender!  A mild mannered, laid back kind of gal, she might prefer a home as quiet as she is, as long as there’s still plenty of pettings and plenty of kibbles!  Luna loves to stretch out and get a good roll in the catnip and definitely loves to lounge in a lap!

Rodney – This is one smart 4-year-old! He knows sit, stay, down and most importantly how to give great pupper dogger snuggles!  If you’re looking for a buddy who wants to learn tricks, Rodney is definitely your dog!  Rodney would do great on hikes and make a perfect running buddy, but he also needs his human snuggle time, so make sure to include him in on the Netflix binging!  He adores some Rin-Tin-Tin!

Daren – This little 2-year-old has the cutest snoot to boot!  His long nose makes for easy giving dogger kisses!  It also makes for a perfect sized mouth to play fetch!  Daren loves to play ball and would love someone to be his lifelong fetch partner!  If you think you have the arm for it, come visit Daren today and see why we here at MACC think he’s absolutely quiet fetching!!!

Petey – Hey, its Petey Super Cute McFeety y’all!  We just call him Petey for short here at the shelter, but man if you could see him dance and how he wiggles around, you’d be hard pressed not to call him the same, we guarantee it!  If you need a buddy to swing and dance the night away with, this awesome, goofy 2-year-old pup might just be the right pick of the litter for you!