Woman, 2 teens accused of stealing Christmas decorations in Dickson

Courtesy: Dickson Police Department

DICKSON, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Dickson woman and two teenagers were arrested after police say they were stealing Christmas decorations off front lawns early Thursday morning.

Police told News 2 they were able to make a quick arrest in the case thanks to a small dog named Babygirl and a fast-thinking homeowner.

Nanny and Harlan Clifton said they have lived in their Dickson home for 50 years. Every square inch of their home is filled with the spirit of the season, while lawn figures and images of the season decorate their front yard.

Photo: WKRN
Photo: WKRN

“It’s just exciting. The spirit of Christmas is all about the lights and Christ who died for us,” said Nanny Clifton.

Nanny told News 2 she was watching TV around 3:15 a.m. when her Dachshund started barking. That’s when Nanny said she looked out into her yard and saw people yanking up a portion of their decorations, before throwing a decorative Christmas tree into the back of a maroon pickup truck.

She said she quickly called police and gave them a description of the alleged accusers.

“Well, you really want to get after them,” Nanny said.

Her husband Harlan added, “It upset me as much as her.”

Dickson police were only a block away when they received Nanny’s call. Officers were able to quickly stop the pickup truck a short distance away.

The couple's dog alerted them to someone in their yard. (Photo: WKRN
The couple’s dog alerted them to someone in their yard. (Photo: WKRN

When police shined a light into the truck, they reportedly saw some decorations in the cab of the truck, including large Christmas wreaths and the Cliftons’ missing items.

That’s when Brandy McNeil was removed from the truck. Two teenagers were also in the truck. On dash cam, an officer was heard saying to the 36-year-old woman, “You got all the cords and wires wrapped around you.”

On the dash cam video, McNeil seemed distressed when Dickson police reportedly found four grams of meth. Officers told News 2 they witnessed one of the teens allegedly throwing it out of the truck during the stop.

McNeil faces multiple charges, including contributing to the delinquency of minors, possession of drugs and theft.

The two teens have since been cited and released to their parents.

Police said they did recover other things from the pickup. Anyone who lives in Dickson and had their Christmas decorations stolen Wednesday morning is advised to call police at 615-446-5403.