Pet of the Week for Dec. 5

Looking for a new pet? Check out Nashville’s News 2’s “Pet of the Week” segment every Tuesday on News 2 This Morning. Below are this week’s featured pets:

Hamilton– A135129

One blue eye and one brown eye is one of the cute things about this guy! Hamilton’s a loveable playful boy, ready to bring your life lots of endless joy! The holidays are always a great time for an adoption; MACCs got lots of happy lifesaving options! Come down to the shelter and see why we love this kid, you’ll have no regrets and be super happy that you did!

Syracuse – A129039

Our buddy Syracuse has been with us since May. That is an awfully long time to have to watch all his friends go home day after day, while he once again spends the night on the adoption floor hanging out with all the new kids on the block. But no need to fret, because he’s hanging tough and he’s got the right stuff…for adoption that is! Syracuse loves his kennel mates and is absolutely enamored with MACC’s play groups. He’s such a great ambassador for the play groups as he always welcomes all of his new friends into the mix and teaches them all the ropes and all the rope toys! He would absolutely love it if someone with another canine friend was looking to open their home for the holidays to endless amounts of love and slobbery puppy dog kishes! Come visit our long term buddy today and see why he’s an easy and loveable staff and volunteer favorite!

Naomi – A133107

Namoi is a cuddle bug extraordinaire who loves to snuggle up close and relax by your side with a good book! Some of her favorites are Thoreau’s Walden and Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. She loves nature and is a transcendentalist at heart; she’s hoping to share new ideas, new adventures and a new life with you! Come take Naomi on a nature hike with MACC’s Bow-Wow Breakout foster program and see just how much life this girl loves to live!  “Adoptions are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations.”

Mischief – A135246

Mischief is just 9-months-old and looking for a forever home.

Tuesday – A131425

Tuesday has been with MACC for many Tuesdays now. We’re hoping there’s someone out there looking to adopt an awesome feline who is mighty fine! Tuesday loves to be petted and enjoys sitting on a lap for the majority of her day! She does great with big kids and doesn’t mind if they need to share in on some of the love. With MACC adoption fees lowered to $25, if you’re looking to bring a cat home for the holidays, she’s sure to be on top of Santa’s list