Nashville woman gets counterfeit bills after selling laptop online

(Photo: Submitted)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s an issue that arises this time of year. As families search for holiday cash, criminals try and pull a fast one with fake bills.

Over the weekend, a Nashville woman says she took to the internet, hoping to sell her laptop. Her posted price was just over $370.

She says a local man offered $400 to make up for gas money. The two then met outside his apartment at night where the transaction was made.

But in the morning light, she found the cash was fake.

Counterfeit bills are hard to spot for those not looking for it, and criminals know this all too well.

Dickson police posted a warning not long ago after fraudulent bills made their way through town.

Officials urge everyone to check for proper watermarks and security marks on bills. Click here for more information.

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However, authorities note if you’re in a one-on-one situation, it may be dangerous to confront the scammer on the fake bills.

Another option is to take down as many descriptors as possible, such as someone’s name, license plate, and car make, and turn the info over to police.