Cards Against Humanity is digging a hole in Illinois

OREGON, Ill. (KWQC) – If you need a quick way to lose some money, Cards Against Humanity wants to hear from you.

CAH is back again with their Black Friday sale that is certainly anything but traditional. In 2013, they raised the price of their popular and uncouth card game by $5. In 2014, customers were treated with the option to buy a box of bull feces, and in 2015 the company literally sold nothing for $5 a piece. Customers received not a thing in exchange for their money, and the company reported earning $71,145.

This year, your money can help Cards Against Humanity dig a hole.

According to their website, the company bought an empty lot and began digging a “Holiday Hole.” They say they plan to keep digging for as long as people keep pledging money.

The website chose not to specify the location of the hole, but WIFR in Rockford reports that they talked to residents in Oregon, Illinois who believe that the hole is their newest neighbor.

If you’d like to help make the hole bigger, follow this link.