Business lets folks relieve holiday stress by smashing things

(Courtesy: WNCN)

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) —  Amid the frenzy of Black Friday, people in Durham, North Carolina had a chance to deal with the stress of the holidays in a unique way on Friday.

The Scrap Exchange invited people to come to the store, buy some glasses and plates — and smash them outside.

The event is an annual fundraiser and brought in more than $9,000.

Families spent hours Friday hurling all kinds of breakables and taking some time to decompress.

“It’s intentionally scheduled after Thanksgiving, before Christmas, when people are feeling a little bit of the holiday anxiety,” said Madeline James of The Scrap Exchange.

Workers at The Scrap Exchange will recycle the mess that was created, using the broken pieces to make things like retaining walls that can be used in landscaping.