911 calls show passersby helped after I-65 school bus crash

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Authorities have released three 911 calls made after a Chester County school bus rolled over on Interstate 65 last Friday.

At least 23 of the 46 people on board were injured, three more seriously than others, after the bus lost control while exiting the interstate onto Briley Parkway.

One of those who called 911 was a nurse who told the dispatcher she was driving in front of the bus when it crashed. She turned back around to help the victims.

“Yes, there are students on board. They’re coming out of the emergency exits right now,” the nurse said on the call.

You can hear the panic in the background as the teenagers were crying. The nurse helped calm them down and told them to stay where they were.

“There are some cuts and bruises. The driver is okay,” the nurse said. “I’ve got one that’s got open wounds.”

She then told dispatch she found the first aid kit on the bus and was helping the student who was found bleeding.

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A second call was from another passerby who also stopped to help the students.

“The bus went out of control going up the ramp and flipped,” he told 911.

The caller told dispatch he was helping get victims off the bus, saying “some of them are in shock and there’s quite a bit of blood on some of them.”

He also said a fire captain was on the scene, and during the call, the captain is heard telling him to tell 911 to start LifeFlight and send multiple EMS units, saying there were “multiple trauma patients.”

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A third call came from an adult who was on the bus when it crashed. Her voice as panicked as she reported the accident to 911.

“As far as I know, one person is really badly hurt,” she said. “He’s awake. Everybody is trying to slowly get him out. He’s conscious.”

During her call, you can also hear her talk to the nurse as she arrived on the scene. Sirens were heard moments later as emergency personnel arrived.

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Twenty-three were injured and transported by ambulance to local hospitals. Another 20 were taken to a hospital as a precaution due to the speed the bus was traveling when it crashed.

Many of those taken by ambulance were not seriously hurt, and the worst injuries appeared to be a broken collarbone and two serious arm injuries. Others included bumps, bruises and broken toes. Authorities said none of the injuries seemed to be life-threatening.

As of Monday, two students were still at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in stable but critical condition. The crash remains under investigation.