Mother of injured student shares account of school bus crash

Calista Trump (Courtesy: Lisa Bishop)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two teens remain at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in stable condition after a Chester County school bus crashed on Interstate 65 Friday, sending 43 people to the hospital.

News 2 spoke to a family whose daughter was originally listed in critical but stable condition.

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“She heard screaming, she heard crying,” explained Lisa Bishop.

She says she can’t get the image out of her head of her daughter Calista Trump’s school bus flipping on its side.

“When the bus overturned, Calista had gone out the window, it was closed. Had she not pulled herself back in that window she would have lost her arm,” said Bishop.

Despite her injuries, Bishop says her 17-year-old daughter was able to open an emergency exit and help pull her classmates out.

“Had she not been able to get that emergency hatch open, who knows what could have happened. I mean, it could have been a lot worse. Thank God nobody was killed.”

The crash left Calista with severe cuts.

“She has lacerations to the right side of her face. She does have stitches on the outside of her arm and on the inside of her arm,” explained Bishop.

Calista was released from Vanderbilt late Friday night with dozens of stitches.

“There’s 30 that we’ve counted on the outside, but that’s not including the stitches that are on the inside because the lacerations that Calista received on her arm were all the way down to the bone.”

Her mom went on to tell News 2 that physical remnants of the bus crash still lingered.

“When we got her home we were pulling out pieces of bus paint, asphalt, glass from her hair.”

She says the emotional and physical healing for her family are just beginning.

“It’s going to be a long road to recovery, physically and emotionally.”

Calista’s mom said they ended up back in the hospital Saturday because her daughter had lot of pain and started having hearing issues.

Calista, who is an honor student and a member of several elite clubs, won’t be back at school for a while.

Officials told News 2 the bus driver, 28-year-old Christina Mathis of Henderson, Tennessee, lost control of the bus before the crash.

The students were believed to be headed to a BETA Club Convention at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center.