Audiologists: Hunters who don’t cover their ears risk hearing loss

(Courtesy: WBAY)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Audiologists say hunters are risking hearing loss if they hunt without protecting their ears.

While it’s common to find people wearing ear protection at the gun range, this is not always the case when they take their guns into the woods.

According to Megan McMahon, an audiologist with Preva Health in Wisconsin, a gunshot’s decibel level is comparable to standing next to a jet engine.

“People think one shot’s not going to do too much. ‘I can get away with just that one shot.’ But we do know with a high level noise, something that high, you can cause some permanent hearing loss just that one time,” explained McMahon.

Many hunters do not want to cover their ears so they can listen for deer; however, audiologists say once damage is done to the inner ear, there’s no going back.