Former Titan launches new business venture

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Life after football looks different for every former NFL player. For one former Titan, life now includes shoes.

Cortland Finnegan’s new venture, Christopher Coy Shoes, debuted on Monday.

Titans’ fans remember No. 31, a fiery, vocal cornerback who always left it all out on the field during his time in the two-toned blue.

Cortland Finnegan (Photo: WKRN)
Cortland Finnegan (Photo: WKRN)

But Finnegan’s passion has now shifted to fashion.

“My love for shoes, everyone knows that I have a closet a room built for those shoes. Not having shoes growing up, I love shoes,” he told News 2.

Finnegan shares his love for shoes with childhood friend Christopher Co, who 7 years ago, pitched a business idea of high end custom made women’s shoes with a twist.

“When you see women at the end of the night who have flip flops in their pocketbook, you go, why would you pay $1,300 or $500 for a shoe to only be able to wear it for an hour or two? That’s not true luxury. So how do we solve the world’s problem? If you solve the woman’s problem, you’re solving the world’s problem.”

The dual-heeled shoes look like a piece of art, but are they really that comfortable? Cortland says absolutely.

“That’s where the technology of this shoe is so important. It’s the comfort, it’s the memory foam we’ve added, it’s the plastic crate we’ve taken out and we’ve really tried to emphasize what we believe is true luxury, which is comfort but also an Italian brand.”

Like many high end designers, Finnegan and Coy traveled to Italy to have their shoes made, but they’re hoping to revolutionize the high end show world. It’s a belief that earned them a nickname from the Italians they work with.

Finnegan recalls their first conversation.

“What, you guys are trying to add comfort to something? Why would you ever want to do that? They kept going NASA, NASA, NASA. We just laugh. Now every time we go over there, we’re called NASA instead of Christopher Coy because we’re really trying to do something different.”

And different is a high-fashion shoe that women feel comfortable enough in to wear everywhere.

“Let’s wear it to work, let’s wear it out with the girls, let’s wear it when we pick up our kids, let’s wear it to the grocery store. We wanted to be a part of that and we wanted to revolutionize how everyone thinks of true luxury.”

You can visit the Christopher Coy showroom in Brentwood at 7024 East Church Street, or order online at