Ohio man takes out ad in newspapers in effort to find kidney donor

Courtesy: WANE

CECIL, Ohio (WANE) – Four years ago, David Rush was diagnosed with kidney failure, and he now needs a transplant.

Instead of waiting around for the donor center to call him, he’s taking matters into his own hands – by posting an ad in the newspaper. .

“It’s something,” Rush said. “It’s doing something anyway instead of sitting here waiting.”

For four years, 77-year-old Rush of Cecil, Ohio, has waited for the life-saving call.

“[The doctors] told me three to five years [for a transplant], and you don’t think about it until four years have passed and you wonder what’s going on,” Rush said.

Rush’s kidney surgeon said he’d have a better shot with a live donor. So, that’s when Rush got creative.

“[The doctor] even told me if you have to stand on the street corner with a sign, which I’m not going to do that,” Rush said. “So, that’s why I placed it in the newspapers.”

Rush advertised his need for a kidney in an ad titled ‘Kidney Needed!’ in six newspapers in Ohio and Indiana including Fort Wayne’s Journal Gazette and News Sentinel.

The ad says he needs a donor between 18 and 65 years old with either O positive or O negative blood. All expenses paid.

“I’ve gotten a few responses none have really worked out,” Rush said. “A couple of them have wanted [to be] paid, and I know that’s illegal.”

Rush said he and his wife live active lives.

They collect and sell antiques and run the Vagabond Village, a restaurant that’s been in the family for 65 years.

The doctor said Rush isn’t far from dialysis which leaves a lot of questions marks on what kind of life he could lead if that happens.

Rush said he still has a lot of life to live.

“I have eight grandchildren, and I’d like to see them grow up.”

If you would like to help, call 419-899-2232 or anonymously call the Lutheran Transplant Center at 260-435-6211 and tell them you’d like to help David Rush.