Father faces charges after ‘horrific’ case of infant abuse

Robert Burnette (Courtesy: WCMH)

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WENTZVILLE, Mo. (CNN/WCMH) — Police in Wentzville, Missouri, say an infant has been hospitalized in what may be the worst case of infant abuse they have ever dealt with.

Police said Robert Burnette, the father of the 6-month-old, shoved his fingers down the infant’s throat, attempting to grab the child’s larynx because he wouldn’t stop crying.

Burnette then allegedly threw the infant onto a bed, violently shook him and picked him up by the back of the neck.

The infant is now hospitalized with broken bones, possible liver contusions and bleeding on the brain. Doctors say they don’t expect the infant to survive, and if he does, he will struggle with severe mental and physical disabilities the rest of his life.

Investigators say the mother, Megan Hendricks, stood by without making any attempt to stop Burnette. Both adults are charged with neglect, abuse and causing serious emotional and physical injuries. The parents’ roommate was also home at the time of the abuse, but does not face any charges.