Self-defense claws made to collect DNA data from attacker

(Courtesy: WCMH)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WCMH) — A new weapon being marketed to women is designed to collect DNA data from an attacker.

The Tiger Lady, $29, is designed for close quarters and when the user squeezes it, sharp claws pop out.

“At least this way, you’re going to get some DNA for the police to go by,” said sexual assault survivor Stephanie Herrada.

But experts warn it won’t incapacitate an attacker. “If it doesn’t stop the attacker, the attacker could actually take this weapon and use it against them,” said Robby Beard with USA Karate.

Herrada says she thinks the Tiger Lady could help some women, who aren’t allowed to be armed, but for her, she’s going to stick to her guns.