Field of Honor on display in Hermitage

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – In a field along Lebanon Pike, there are 50,000 stars and 13,000 stripes with the one common goal of honoring our veterans.

The display is at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage on the eastern part of the property.

(Photo: WKRN)
(Photo: WKRN)

“At the end of it, it’s just going to touch us, I think in a way that we haven’t experienced before. It makes it feel a little more important, more close to home,” explained Lacey Lankford.

A thousand flags make up the Field of Honor was organized by the Colonial Flag Foundation

“It’s been done at Ground Zero, the Pentagon and Pearl Harbor but this is the very first time it’s been done at a presidential site.”

On Thursday, volunteers from area high schools helped the Exchange Club Donelson-Hermitage put the flags up, tie ribbons and attach name tags honoring middle Tennessee veterans.

“We are going to be flying 1,000, three foot by five foot American flags on eight foot poles,” the organization’s chairman tells News 2.

Field of Honor Chairman Desha Hearn believes it is the least we can do.

Photo: WKRN
Photo: WKRN

“I tear up just from the patriotism that we need to show and this is something that we can all come together,” Hearn said.

Hearn said veterans’ loved ones will come to the Field of Honor to pay respects to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

“This is so important for America. Veterans have given the ultimate sacrifice, a lot of them have and this is just a wonderful tribute to current and former veterans,” Hearn said.

The Field of Honor will stay up through Veteran’s Day weekend and it will close at 2 p.m. on Sunday with a closing ceremony and it is free and open to the public.