Woman critically injured in ‘Punkin Chunkin’ world championships

BRIDGEVILLE, DE (WCMH) — Delaware State Police say a woman is in critical condition at a pumpkin-throwing contest after an air cannon exploded, according to NBC Philadelphia.

An air cannon called the “Pumpkin Reaper” was about to launch when the trap door of the cannon separated from the rest of the machine. The door and other parts of the cannon flew into the air and landed on a 39-year-old woman, hitting her in the head and face. She was taken to a local hospital, then flown to Christiana Medical Center where she is reportedly in critical condition.

A 56-year-old man was also injured. He is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

The “Punkin Chunkin” contest is taking place in Bridgeville, Delaware this year. According to the website, participants can use trebuchets, catapults, torsion, or air cannons to fling a pumpkin through the air. Other contests, like pageants and cooking competitions, also take place at the event.

Delaware State Police originally reported the victim in critical condition was male.