Thieves steal holiday cards meant for deployed soldiers

(CourtesyL KRQE)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque thieves broke into a car and stole something that couldn’t have been valuable to them, but would’ve been valuable to those overseas.

“Our window was completely shattered,” said Carol Sanchez, Rio Grande Valley Blue Star Mothers.

That’s what Sanchez saw when she returned to her car after eating dinner at Hibachi One in Albuquerque with friends Friday night.

“This friend is a teacher and she was bringing me her classes’ cards and letters that they had written,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez is a member of the Rio Grande Valley Blue Star Mothers. The group prepares and sends care packages for the troops four times a year. In the mix of candy and beef jerky — the letters are what they cherish most.

“They do not get a lot of mail, so they keep them, they keep them close to them, and they read them over and over again,” said Marlaine Gaylor, Rio Grande Valley Blue Star Mothers.

Sanchez remembers what some of those letters said.

“Thank you for what you do, Merry Christmas, come home safe,” said Sanchez.

When her car was broken into, the box with more than a thousand cards and letters was the only thing that was stolen from her car.

“They were handmade, somebody took the time to think about what our troops are going through,” said Gaylor.

“If they looked close enough they would have seen, you know, the coloring of children,” said Sanchez.

The restaurant did have surveillance cameras, but the car was parked in the back row and as you can see, that video doesn’t show too much.

The Blue Star Mothers said what’s inside the box probably isn’t worth much to whoever stole it,  but a price tag can’t be put on what they’re worth to soldiers deployed overseas.

“I hope you realize you took from the troops,” said Gaylor.

Both Sanchez and Gaylor have children serving in the military and they said they are devastated about what happened, but are also thankful because they’ve already received commitments from the community to write more letters. The Rio Grande Valley chapter of the Blue Star Mothers has been around since 2004.