Tiny baby goes home after 307 days in hospital

Nathan Teply (Courtesy: WCMH)

PAPILLION, Neb. (WCMH) – A baby boy born weighing less than a pound is now home with his parents.

Nathan Teply came into the world nearly a year ago. He was one of the smallest babies ever born, reportedly weighing just 14.99 ounces.

“His first picture I have my pinky right next to his hand and my nail of my pinky is as big as his hand,” said Eric Teply, Nathan’s dad.

His skin was nearly translucent.

“From the minute I saw his first ultrasound I knew he was going to be a fighter,” said Mary Teply, Nathan’s mom. “He had his hands up to his face in the ultrasound like he was fighting, he had his fists up.”

Now, after 307 days of fighting, he is out.

Nathan now weighs 15 pounds, 12 ounces.

His fight is not over. He’s still hooked up to machines and is still on a list of medications.

“The traech here just allows us to be able to help our lungs grow and do what they need to do since he was so tiny and our lungs was so sick,” said Mary.

They hope little Nathan can be off all of the machines within a year. Until then, they are cherishing their time as first time parents.