Titans prepare to face trash-talking Chargers QB

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – He’s known as quite possibly the best trash talking quarterback in the NFL. Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers holds nothing back when trying to win a game Sunday.

A 13-year NFL veteran, Rivers has gotten quite good at making a living off getting into the heads of his opponents, and while you think some guys might hate it, it’s actually the opposite with several Titans respecting the competitiveness of the Chargers QB.

“He’s from Alabama. He talks a lot, but that’s the fun part about the game. I love competitors. I love guys that come out, you know, talk it up and enjoy it,” said safety Rashad Johnson. “I mean, you have to love seeing a competitor in a guy like that, and it means a lot to him. I mean, we’ll go out and we’ll have our battles and we’ll have some fun.”

“It’s definitely going to be a word battle out there, definitely gonna go back and forth with him, definitely gonna get in his head as much as possible,” said defensive lineman Jurrell Casey. “I’m a guy who gonna let em rip, and if he don’t like the words, he definitely gonna fly ,em back, so hey, it’s a mouth battle this week. When you a guy who’s that competitive and got that much heart into this game you gonna do it and I love him for it.”

Rivers is also known for emotional outbursts, like when he kicked the ball on the final play of a loss to the Titans in 2013.

The Titans are hoping to tap into some of that emotion to get him frustrated early in Sunday’s Game.