Sheriff Robert Arnold says last 35 days have been the worst of his life

Courtesy: Grayson County Detention Center

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold appeared in court Wednesday morning as a judge considered the release of the sheriff who is currently being held in a Kentucky jail.

The sheriff was dressed in a green jailhouse jumpsuit, handcuffs and shackles as he told the courtroom the last 35 days have been the worst in his life, calling his jail cell a “dungeon.”

Arnold pleaded with the judge to allow him to go home Wednesday to be with his family. However, he agreed to follow any limitations and rules placed on him by the court.

“I’ll do whatever the court says,” he said.

Arnold also testified that he does not remember what happened on Labor Day, stating that he never meant for any of this to happen.

“I love her and want to be with my wife and kids. Nothing on this planet is more important,” he said while crying on the stand.

The judge took his testimony under advisement and did not give a decision at this time.

Arnold is currently awaiting his February 2017 trial on multiple charges, including conspiracy, fraud, and bribery, dealing with the sale of e-cigarettes inside the Rutherford County jail after Arnold listed the e-cig company as a source of income.

He had previously been out on bond until a judge revoked the bond due to his alleged involvement in a domestic incident involving his wife this past Labor Day.

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