Internet helps dad recover deceased wife’s songs

(Courtesy: WCMH)

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ST. GEORGE, Utah (WCMH) — A Utah father is thanking strangers on Reddit for helping him recover a piece of his departed wife.

Jared Buhanan-Decker and his wife Sharry were together for more than a decade. Four months ago, Sherry passed away from a pregnancy complication called an amniotic fluid embolism. The amniotic fluid surrounding the baby had entered Sharry’s blood stream and doctors had to perform an emergency C-section. Sharry died during the birth of a healthy baby boy.

“Counting down to it as the happiest days of our life, ended up being the worst,” Jarod told KUTV.

A month after Sharry passed, Jared discovered recordings  of songs Sharry wrote years ago, but they were in a format he wasn’t able to convert. That’s when Jared turned to Reddit.

In a post titled “Odd request for help. My wife recently died during childbirth and I need help with some of her recordings,” Jared asked members of ther/audioengineering subreddit for help.

This may be the wrong subreddit but any help or direction would be fabulous! Odd request for help. My wife recently died during the childbirth of our first baby, needless to say life has been hell the last two months. She dabbled in writing and recording songs nothing professional of course but very important to me. I found her backups but they are all in the PTF format which I have discovered is the “protools” session. I do not want to buy the expensive pro tools (will if required) but want to figure out if there is any simple way to convert these into MP3 or another more user friendly format? She knew how to do all of this stuff but I have no idea. I just want to be able to hear her voice again. Thank you.”

“I remember one of the first ones a guy was just like, ‘I’ll have this done within an hour,’” Jared said.

Dozens of people offered to help, and now Jared and their son have a piece of Sharry to keep forever. Now, Jared rocks their son to sleep almost every night with one of Sharry’s lullabies.