Nashville Dads: Trying to manage that work/life balance

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nearly half of all dads say they spend more time with their kids than their dads spent with them. 

However, half of dads also say that it’s not enough time.

The work/life balance has been tough to conquer for many fathers.

Jim Kendall offers counseling to 26,000 employees at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and he had a lot of things to say to new dads.

“I think years ago it might have been easier because we kind of thought of balance as the time you’re at home and the time you’re at work,” Kendall explained. “In today’s society, it’s more like juggling, and sometimes you’re juggling with a partner and sometimes you’re juggling all by yourself. “

Kendall understands parents have a lot going on in their lives. He says, though, for both parents, that being flexible is key.

More dads, like Gary Strohschein, want to be there for their children.

“You try to make it home for all those soccer games and those evening things, but you have to have the right partner to pull that off,” Strohschein told News 2.

Kendall says you have to pick your spots. He says to ask your children what events are important for you to attend and go from there.

“It’s not always about quantity,” he says. “It’s about quality.”

He says quality is nice, but it may be a priority for families that they have a meal together instead of making it to a baseball game.

And Kendall is not talking about spending hours and hours with your kid and counting that as quality time. He says to put your phone down and make the minutes with your children count.

“If you can get 10 minutes of quality time with your kids talking to you, that’s pretty good!” Kendall said.

While technology has made a lot of things in our lives easier, sometimes it makes being a parent a little tougher.

Kendall also says it’s important to remember that parents won’t likely make it to every practice, every play, or every bake sale. He says to make it a priority to prioritize what is important to your children.

He also says to make sure you take time for yourself. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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