Tenn. boy, 3, to get life-changing surgery to help with cerebral palsy

Angler Davis with his mom Ashley (Photo: WKRN) and in his Halloween 2016 costumer (Courtesy: The Davis family)

MOORE COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A local boy with cerebral palsy made headlines last Halloween when his parents included his walker in his Halloween costume.

Angler Davis’ parents said they wanted him to feel comfortable with his walker, which inspired his costume – Carl, an elderly balloon salesman, from the Disney movie “Up!”

Angler's costume for Halloween 2015. (Courtesy: The Davis Family)
Angler’s costume for Halloween 2015. (Courtesy: The Davis Family)

This year, the 3-year-old didn’t go trick-or-treating because he’s in St. Louis preparing for surgery at the children’s hospital.

The procedure, called a selective dorsal rhizotomy, will sever a nerve in his back that causes his legs to become tight, allowing him to walk more easily.

“It’s becoming pretty popular in kids that have cerebral palsy like Angler does to help their motor skills,” explained mom Ashley Davis.

She told News 2 she and her husband applied for the surgery last summer and just recently received word that the request was accepted.

(Courtesy: Michelle Barnett Photography)
(Courtesy: Michelle Barnett Photography)

“It’s almost just surreal,” Davis told News 2. “What is happening? Are we really doing this? We’re just so excited.”

Angler’s mom says she expects her son will be walking on his own in a year.

“We’ve always been very blessed that his cerebral palsy is really mild,” said Ashley Davis. “He can do a lot of things and we’re thankful for that, but we cannot wait to see him just run around the house and do what he wants to do without us having to take him everywhere or without his walker attached to him.

Angler’s surgery takes place Tuesday morning. News 2 plans to follow up with the family soon.