Tennessee gun stores see spike in sales before Election Day

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – With Election Day less than two weeks away, some gun stores are seeing sales increase, and some are running Election Day specials.

Gander Mountain released an ad offering an election sale on guns and gun merchandise, and Guardian Armory in Knoxville has been busy.

“Definitely the election has resulted in increased sales in AR-15s and lowers,” said Guardian Armory Owner Tim Smith.

He said it is not unlike election years in the past.

“It varies. Certainly during the presidential elections for Barack Obama we saw a large spike. We haven’t really had that this time,” Smith said.

What they are seeing the most demand in right now is this AR-15 lower. It is the only federally licensed component of the AR-15.

“Primarily because people are afraid that Hillary will re-institute the ban on them, on assault weapons,” Smith said.

Store owners and manufacturers say those guns should not be targeted.

“This is a tool. Anybody can wield a tool for good or for evil,” said Zack Machonoff, Lead Armor at Blacksword.

That is why when people sense a threat they stock up.

“A few people are worried that if the election goes a certain way, this type of weapon – and I say weapon, it’s still a tool, a hammer is a weapon too – that it might become hard to get or restricted in a way that’s unreasonable,” Machonoff said.

So until Election Day, stores say they are expecting to see sales continue to grow.

WATE 6 On Your Side reached out to Gander Mountain about their ad, but have not heard back yet.