Tennessee Arby’s, 16 other locations testing new deer meat sandwiches

Photo: WKRN

ATLANTA (WATE) – Arby’s is testing a deer meat sandwich in several markets where deer hunting is popular, including one restaurant in Tennessee.

The Venison Sandwich will feature a thick-cut venison steak and crispy onions, topped with a juniper berry sauce on a toasted roll, according to a press release from the restaurant chain. The meat itself is marinated in garlic, salt and pepper and then cooked for three hours.

“Hunters hunt the meats and we have the meats, so it makes sense for us to connect with them and offer a sandwich that they can’t get at any other restaurant chain,” said Rob Lynch, Chief Marketing Officer and Brand President of Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc.

The sandwiches are being offered at 17 restaurants for a very limited time. The first restaurant taking part is the 2044 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard location from Oct. 31 – Nov. 3.