Metro police look for man accused of preying on senior citizens

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro detectives are on the lookout for multiple suspects in a series of thefts targeting senior citizens around Davidson County.

On Tuesday, News 2 reported that 91-year-old Mary Ballinger was tricked by con artists into writing a $2,800 check for roofing work that was never done.

Fraud detectives have suspects identified and active leads in the case.

But Ballinger is not the only one being targeted in the area.

According to police, they have multiple cases where similar con artists are preying on senior citizens.

One of the men being sought is 22-yer-old Henry Cooper, who’s wanted in connection with multiple fraud cases.

Photo: WKRN
Photo: WKRN

“He is the guy in the video ringing the doorbell. We are very familiar with Mr. Cooper and the circle he runs with. We have multiple cases and charges upcoming, and we are looking for the public’s help to find him and hold him accountable for what he is doing to citizens in Davidson County,” said Sgt. Michael Warren of Metro Vice.

Kay Morrow’s father was one of Cooper’s alleged victims.

“It’s terrible,” she said. “It’s the lowest of the low to prey on elderly people.”

In mid-July, Morrow’s 83-year-old father was conned out of $500 for roof work that was never done. She says the men were aggressive and intimidated her dad into writing the check.

“They are susceptible to these people; they are trusting. Elderly people in general are trusting people,” said Morrow.

She installed a doorbell camera and unbelievably, a few weeks later, Cooper came back to the house and pushed the bell.

When he did, it activated the recording. Thanks to the video, police now call Cooper their prime suspect.

On the video, Morrow and her brother can be heard talking to Cooper and telling him to leave.

Authorities say Cooper runs with a group that targets seniors and has used similar tactics elsewhere.

“A syndicate of sorts. From the intelligence we have gathered off of this, it seems to be the exact same crew,” explained Sgt. Warren.

According to Hendersonville police, Cooper was charged with burglary and theft in 2013 when he reportedly stood over an 80 year old, coercing that person to write a check for work that was not completed.

George Lee, one of his associates, was also arrested.

“I’m very angry. Everyone should be angry. These are our parents, neighbors, elderly people in our community. They don’t need to be harassed. They are trusting people. It is ashamed they have to feel this way,” stated Morrow.

Anyone with information on Cooper’s whereabouts is urged to contact Metro Fraud detectives at 615-862-7594.

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