Pot belly pig sightings reported across Antioch

(Photo: Submitted)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – In Southeast Davidson County, you’re subject to see all types of creatures both fake and real this time of year.

“Our area is full of foxes; we’ve had a bobcat sighting and coyotes,” said resident Beth Hiland.

But those are not the only animals people are seeing.

“On top of cats and dogs and all the feral creatures living here in Matlock, we’ve recently had several pot belly pig sightings,” Hiland told News 2.

But it’s not just in the Matlock community. Pot belly pigs have been seen all over Antioch in several neighborhoods.

Hiland’s housemate even spotted one.

“Had saw one right in front of our condo, and it’s just a really bizarre occurrence,” she said.

Monday afternoon, a piggy appeared right in front of Chris Rhone’s front door.

“It appeared to be a dog at first, and it turned out to be a black pot belly pig,” he told News 2.

Rhone and his neighbors tried to catch the pig. Even a policeman responded, but Metro Animal Control decided not to come out just in case there was a more serious animal call.

“We tried to get her in a crate, to hold her for a while. We tried to put a lease on her to try and keep her from running out in traffic,” Rhone explained.

Animal Control told News 2 they have responded to several pot belly pig sightings, but by the time they arrive, the pigs had vanished.

Residents are not sure where the pigs are coming from or who they belong to.

“The possibility of you know somebody breeding like the small ones because they are really cute and then when they get big they outgrown any type of domestic space,” Hiland said.

Councilwoman Jacobia Dowell told News 2 other pigs have been spotted across the area, including one on Antioch Pike.