Montgomery County unveils new tool to catch criminals

Photo: WKRN

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Montgomery County Crime Stoppers has overhauled its anonymous crime reporting system. When a crime goes unsolved, it means the criminal is still out there, possibility putting residents in danger.

“If they are out there getting away with this crime, then they are probably committing other crimes and we need to get them off the streets. We don’t have enough officers to get all the information. The public has to help and that is were our information comes from. That is how we solve the majority of our cases,” said Lt. Brian Prentice, head of criminal investigations for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department.

Now you have a new tool to help investigators put criminals behind bars.

Crime Stoppers Montgomery County has unveiled a new system that allows you to leave an anonymous tip on the web and through a mobile app.

“We are able to get better tips, they are coming in daily sometimes they are coming in 10 to 12 times per day, and we didn’t have that number of calls coming in so it is really effective,” said Kaye Jones, the chair of Crime Stoppers Montgomery County and Clarksville.

If you visit to, you will find a question and answer section that allows you to fill in the blanks. That gives investigators the information they need that they were often not getting from phone calls.

It also allows investigators to ask questions from tipsters as they remain anonymous.

“So, it does allow for some further followup, where as before we did not have that capability before,” explained Jones.

The mobile app also allows tipsters to upload videos and pictures, giving investigators more real time information to work with. Investigators told News 2 the new system is a great tool to help catch criminals.