Hendersonville High School goes big to feed hungry families

(Photo: WKRN)

HENDERSNVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Hendersonville High School went big to feed hungry families as part of the News 2 Food 2 Families food drive.

The drive benefits Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee and partnering food banks.

Last year the school collected more than 70,000 food items and $5,000.

“Even $1 can count as four cans which would feed somebody for two meals during the day, and that’s amazing because people here around us are hungry and we can make a difference regardless of our age, or gender or anything, it’s just we’re here working together to make a difference in our community,” said Janie Bundy, student body president.

The food and money collected will be trucked over to the Hendersonville Samaritan Center on Monday.

The center is in need of more donations as more working families are asking for help because of cost of living increases.

“So when we have the food here and the family comes in, from our community, that’s unable to pay a couple of bills or they’re borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, the old saying is, to try and make ends meet — we can give them a couple of hundred dollars’ worth of food and canned goods and different things to help them get through that hard time.,” said Executive Director Steve Brown.

All schools participating in the News 2 Food to Family school food drive are competing for cash prizes from Kroger and Cornerstone Financial.

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