2 men sought in Cheatham County attempted murder

Courtesy: Cheatham County detectives)

CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Cheatham County deputies need help from the public in locating two attempted murder suspects who reportedly shot a man five times and left him to die.

But the father of two didn’t die. He survived and he’s telling his story only to News 2.

“It was the worst moment of my life,” said the 30-year-old man who wants to stay anonymous for safety reasons.

He told News 2 the suspects shot him point blank in the stomach, where the bullet grazed him; in the back, where the bullet is still lodged a few inches from his spine; and in the foot. Also, another bullet blew off the tip of his thumb.

James Upchurch (Courtesy: Cheatham County Sheriff's Office)
James Upchurch (Courtesy: Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office)

“I thought my life might be ending. It was really a moment of life or death, didn’t know if I would live or die,” he said.

The man became emotional when he told News 2 how he was shot in front of his wife and two sons, ages 5 months and 11 years.

The older boy saw his father being shot.

“I was laying on the floor and the first thing in my mind was my son and he come to his door while the man was shooting me and I didn’t want to say anything to him cause I figured the guy would turn around and shoot him,” he said.

The victim had video at his home of the incident, which took place on May 16. He said he was meeting with an acquaintance, James Robert Upchurch, to sell him an ATV.

Upchurch, 34, appeared to pat the victim down as if he was checking for a weapon as the two go into the home.

Video showed the driver of the vehicle Upchurch arrived in get out of the car. Deputies told News 2 he is the shooter. Video shows him adjusting his waistband, which detectives said was a sign he was carrying a gun.

A second gunman wearing a hustle T-shirt followed behind him.

The alleged shooter spoke briefly to Upchurch on the porch, and then all three men entered the home. A minute later, the victim was shot five times.

In the video, the driver was seen carrying a stolen gun and making a run for it with the other two men.

Detectives arrested Upchurch, who is now charged with attempted murder. But he won’t give up the names of the other two men involved in the crime.

“We confronted him with the fact he was on video. He said he ‘didn’t want to talk to you anymore, I want an attorney,’” said Detective Ken Miller with the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department.

Detectives said the two wanted men probably have ties to north Nashville.

They were driving a red or maroon 2005 to 20087 Dodge Charger with tinted windows.

If you recognize either of the wanted men, you are urged to contact the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office at 615-792-4341.