Neighbor accused of targeting kids at apartment complex

Photo: WKRN

WHITE HOUSE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Parents in a White House neighborhood are accusing their neighbor of targeting kids in their apartment complex.

Stop by The Grove on Kendal apartments, and you’ll spy a number of kids out playing every afternoon. Now they and their parents are on edge, thanks to Stephanie Pinckley.

Jennifer Harrington and her daughter, Angel, avoided their neighbor as much as possible, until earlier this year.

“It was peaceful here until she moved in,” Harrington noted. “Angel and her friend were outside playing and Stephanie was sitting on her porch. She decided to point a gun at them.”

White House police responded, determining the weapon allegedly involved was a BB gun.

While on scene, they were approached by a number of other parents, who claimed their children were also terrorized by Pinckley.

“Waving guns at kids, pushing them off their bikes, throwing bikes over the fence,” said Victoria Long, another resident. “She’s crazy, and she’ll tell you she’s crazy.”

Now she’s in hot water, after yet another reported run-in with 10-year-old Angel.

“Saw Angel on the bike, in her grass,” explained Harrington. “Started cussing at her and pushed her off the bike.”

“Pushes me off, and then my foot got stuck in the chain,” said Angel.

She walked away with minor bruising.

Pinckley was arrested this time for aggravated assault.

Many parents are now urging apartment management to give Pinckley the boot, in hopes that peaceful playtime for their kids will return.

“They’ve had three months to do something,” said Harrington. “I’m terrified for my kid, I’m terrified for the kids that are around the apartment complex.”

News 2 stopped by Pinckley’s apartment for comment, but no one answered.

The Grove at Kendal officials did not return our calls.