Knoxville groom receives new view of world as wedding gift

(Photo: WATE)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A pair of Knoxville newlyweds celebrated their nuptials with special gifts. The bride received jewelry, including some pearl earrings, but the groom got a new view of the world around him.

“The most that sticks out to me like right now is those bushes, how there’s different colors in the bushes. Whereas before I would’ve never even noticed that,” said Ryan Poore.

Poore’s future has just gotten brighter. For 30 years he’s been severely colorblind, but during his wedding, his wife Cabby surprised him with a gift to help him really appreciate the world – a pair of special Enchroma glasses for the colorblind.

“I don’t even have the words for how thankful I am. There’s nothing I could ever give you, that you’ve given me,” said Ryan Poore.

For Cabby Poore, watching her husband open the gift from afar was monumental for her as well.

“I wanted to see him experience that for the first time and to live in that moment and that emotion was really important for me to see that. I don’t think there was a dry eye,” she said.

Ryan Poore is thankful and amazed at what a difference these glasses make because now it gives him a chance to truly see the fall colors and a few others things he can’t wait to see like an orange sunset.

“It’s a real blessing,” he said.

Poore says he likes to wear his sunglasses inside as well. They may look into getting contacts that have the same effect in the near future.