East Tenn. police chief requests assault rifles for officers

(Courtesy: WJHL)

ROGERSVILLE, TENN. (WJHL) – Rogersville’s police chief is requesting a new type of weapon for his officers. That weapon is an AR 15 rifle that will nearly double the amount of ammunition each officer has on hand.

Chief Doug Nelson Jr. spoke with the Board of Mayor and Alderman this week to get their approval on a gun that will supplement each officer’s hand and shot gun. They’ll need around 13 rifles, one per cruiser, at a cost estimating $20,000. An addition Chief Nelson said is crucial in the world we live in.

“That will give us a lot more ammo capacity, more accuracy to longer distance and with everything going on in the world all the activity around like terrorist activity, eventually something’s gonna happen here and I’d like to get a jump on it and not say well we wished we would have had this,” Chief Nelson Jr. said.

He and Mayor Sells came up with the idea together and he’s grateful for the community’s support. Mayor Sells said he wants police to be prepared for any situation.

“Hopefully, we’ll never have to use it that would be the idea but if we did, I’m glad we’ve got it,” Mayor Sells said.

The BMA approved the assault rifle addition with a vote of six to zero. Nelson says they’ll now start looking into various gun vendors for bids and he hopes to have the rifles in stock in a few weeks.