Time-lapse video captures engagement on bridge

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — An amateur photographer shooting a time-lapse video of the Blue Bridge in Grand Rapids caught an engagement on camera and then went on a quest to find the couple.

Hundreds of people walk the bridge every day, and that was what Karl Blessing was trying to capture — the pulse of the city as ArtPrize was winding down on Friday, Oct. 7. Blessing set up his camera at the end of the bridge, capturing the world as it passed by him.

Blue Bridge, Grand Rapids, proposal
Karl Blessing’s time-lapse video of the Blue Bridge in Grand Rapids on Oct. 7, 2016 shows a couple getting engaged.

“It was a 30-minute time-lapse. I figured, you know, down here it’s just after ArtPrize — there’s a lot of foot traffic down here,” Blessing said.

After he waited, the big reveal.

“I was like wait is that a proposal? Sure enough it was,” said Blessing. “I edited the video later just because I saw the proposal, thought it’d be great to slow it down right here.”

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Then he went on a quest to find the couple — posting on social media hoping to track the two down.

Tuesday, Blessing met Van Rees.

“It was exciting because we both forgot to take pictures,” Van Rees said. “I had woken up Saturday morning kind of disappointed that I hadn’t had any pictures taken because I was just so excited it just didn’t even cross my mind.”

After learning he caught the engagement, Blessing even created some still shots for the couple.

“I hope they have a great wedding, maybe I could shoot it,” said Blessing.

“Yeah maybe he can. I don’t know, we haven’t quite decided yet. We haven’t thought that far,” said Van Rees laughing.

Saxton and Van Rees are plan on getting married in Augus