Despite Metro permit, homeowner associations have final say on Airbnb

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Vicki Lattimore and her group of girlfriends are vacationing in Tennessee from Ireland.

For part of their trip, they decided to stay at an Airbnb rental verses booking a hotel room.

“We were looking for somewhere that I suppose was handy, access to everything we needed to see, that could house all of us together at a reasonable price, so we went for a three-story townhouse and it was perfect,” said Lattimore.

“We would definitely do Airbnb again. It’s a bit more comfortable than a hotel room where you kind of have your own space,” visitor Samantha Saunders, who is visiting Nashville from Europe.

The Metro Nashville Codes Administration told News 2 it has issued more than 2,300 permits to people so that they may list their living space on Airbnb

The department says the most popular listing place is downtown Nashville, as well as Germantown and East Nashville.

As more and more people are finding ways to cash in on the popularity of Nashville, local homeowner associations are also putting new stipulations on exactly who and how many people can list their homes or spaces on Airbnb.

“The homeowners association can enforce their rules and regulations so that someone would not be able to occupy that property as a short term rental,” said Bill Herbert, the zoning administrator.

Metro Codes says even if it issues a permit, the homeowners association has the final say.

“We still get four or five a day, sometimes more,” said Herbert.

Metro Council is currently reviewing bills that recommend lowering the cap on short term rentals. Currently, the cap on Airbnb listings is 3 percent per district.