Residents fed up with blasting, drilling just feet from Murfreesboro homes

(Courtesy: Karina Scott)

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – Folks in a Murfreesboro neighborhood say they are fed up with the blasting and constant drilling of rock as construction crews prep land for a new apartment complex.

For years, residents say they dealt with the noise from a road expansion project and then construction of a new Walmart.

On Sept. 29, residents said a massive blast left rock and debris raining down on top of nearby town homes and carports.

“It was so loud,” town home owner Karina Scott told News 2. “It went, ‘Kaboom!’”

Scott just happened to hear the blasting warning signal and grabbed her cell phone and went outside and captured it as it happened.

“It usually comes up about this high but went so high and so loud the whole place rocked, literally,” Scott told News 2.

And then she said the debris started to fly.

“It was the size of almost a grapefruit and it’s still sitting on top of the carport,” she explained.

Scott was one of the first to purchase a townhome in the Villas of Baskinwood in Murfreesboro. She said the blasting and drilling has gone for eight years.

Scott also believes her medical issues are due to the constant noise.

“I’ve had headaches, and the earaches, and everybody is agitated. We’re all are always upset because it’s just constant,” she said.

Scott has a reason to complain. Construction of the new apartments is literally feet away from her front door.

She said property values have dropped nearly $20,000 and the blasting and drilling are affecting her quality of life.

“It seems more about the revenue than it does the residents who pay taxes and want to have a quality of life,” Scott said. “The constant tapping, it’s too much on a person’s head it’s really inhuman.”

Her neighbor Sherri Janisse was inside watching TV with her baby last Thursday when the big blast occurred.

“All of a sudden, there was this huge shake,” Janisse said. “Our house literally shook. I thought it was an earthquake, but I know we are in Tennessee.”

Another townhome owner said all the pictures on his walls shifted sideways after the blast.

Residents are also not too happy that construction works and heavy duty equipment is using the only entrance to the subdivision.

A second entrance is no longer assessable. It was gated and a lock placed on it after the South Church Street Walmart opened.

Residents said they were told a construction entrance would be built, but so far that hasn’t happened.

After townhome owners complained to the fire marshal, the blasting and drilling came to a halt. However, workers did deliver a truckload of material Thursday morning.

News 2 reached out to the state fire marshal’s office to see if the blasting company TNT violated any regulations when that huge blast went off a week ago. A spokesperson said he would check and get back with us.