Tennessee Titans look to get better off-play action

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two things that go hand in hand for any offense: running the football and more opportunities in the pass game.

While the Titans are fourth in the NFL in rushing, they are in the bottom fourth when it comes to throwing the football and have just four touchdowns through the air in four games.

With such an effective running game, the opportunities down field are there, but the Titans have yet to take serious advantage of them and will need to hit some big plays if they want to turn close losses into wins.

“We had chances to hit some big plays last week off the play action and missed a big one. You know, we had a re-route and had a wrong read when we had a shot over the top,” said Mike Mularkey. “I think they’ll come more consistently. We’ve hit some but not like I’d like to.”

“For us, as an offense, if we can do that, it’ll open up a lot of other things and help us to continue to run the football well and effectively, and so there’s things that we can work on in the passing game and we’re doing that,” said quarterback Marcus Mariota.

In order to get those big plays, Mariota will have to get better throwing the football, he’s completed less than 48 percent of his passes the last two games, something he knows needs to be fixed.

“My mentality hasn’t changed; it won’t change regardless of our record. You know, I’m always focused on getting better and improving each and every single day and trying to get better week after week,” the QB added.

The titans face the Dolphins Sunday at noon local time.