Car burglars steal money meant for Indian girl’s education

Courtesy: Falon Nemri

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Car burglars broke into a woman’s car while she worked out in Hermitage and stole a donation meant for a 3-year-old girl’s school tuition in India.

When Falon Nemri went to work out at the Planet Fitness in Hermitage on Sept. 25, she had just received a donation to add to her fundraising mission for the girl named Persie Babu.

“Her father [Murthy Babu] is a pastor in India,” Nemri said. “He has a little girl who is about to turn 4 years old and she is about to go to preschool.”

In India, the public schools are Hindu-based.

Courtesy: Falon Nemri
Courtesy: Falon Nemri

“She needs money so she can go to a private Christian school,” Nemri said. “I had received a donation earlier that day so it was in my purse.”

The car burglars broke Nemri’s window and took her entire purse. In addition to the donation, she lost all of her credit and debit cards, her appointment planner, prescriptions and her identification information.

“They can also see where I am going to go,” Nemri said. “They are able to see over the next couple of months where I have meetings and where I have to be, which is a little scary.”

Metro police are investigating the car burglary and are reminding people to park smart, because thefts from vehicles has increased from last year.

The Park Smart Initiative reminds people to lock their doors, secure valuables and take their car keys.

The program also aims to reduce the number of car thefts in Metro Nashville.

Murthy Babu preaching in India. (Courtesy: Falon Nemri)
Murthy Babu preaching in India. (Courtesy: Falon Nemri)

For the week of Sept. 18 through Sept. 24, there were 32 cars stolen. Half of the cars stolen during that time period, 16, were taken with the car’s keys.

After Nemri’s car break in, her husband posted about it on Hip Hermitage’s Facebook Page.

“I have had people who say they want to help so I have actually raised enough money to pay for her second and third year of private school,” Nemri said. “It is really sad to know that there is someone in another country who lives off like 2 dollars a day and this could pay for her whole school year and even more of next year.”

Metro police tell News 2 Nemri’s car break in is the only one at the Planet Fitness reported since July. News 2 contacted corporate headquarters and they said they are looking into the matter.